Private Sewage Treatment Systems

MAREX Canada provides Code compliance monitoring solutions for PSTS installations

Private Sewage
Private Sewage Treatment Systems (PSTS) in Alberta have steadily become more closely regulated. This is due to in large part to a commitment to being better stewards of the environment, advancements in technology, and a more thorough understanding of how these systems actually work in Alberta soils. The current standards for waste water treatment are much safer for the environment and are working to ensure we don’t degrade the quality or safety of our subsurface water reserves. Water that many of us drink, daily.

Drawing reviews for permits for new installations of private sewage systems are required before work can begin. The reason for this is that these systems have detailed designs and documentation that must be reviewed before they are installed to verify that they will conform to the requirements of the standard. Information about this documentation requirement can be found on our general information page and at the Alberta Municipal Affairs website.