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Construction Permits and Inspections

Electrical Field Evaluations

We offer special inspection field evaluation and labelling of unapproved electrical products and equipment to CSA SPE 1000.

Electrical Modules Skid Fabrication

Hazardous Location Consulting Services

Whether you need an area classification report or drawing or you just have a question regarding a hazardous location installation, we have the subject matter experts to get you the right solution in the most cost effective manner.

Safety Codes Services Corporations and Municipalities

Safety Codes Services Corporations

From small to large, take control of your own Regulatory Quality Management Program.

Electrical Modules Skid Fabrication


Customized Safety Codes Training to meet your specific needs


Marex Canada provides safety codes compliance monitoring for all of the construction disciplines:

We have been providing Industrial safety codes compliance monitoring to our clients since 2002. Our experienced and knowledgeable safety codes officers understand industrial projects and procedures and maintain the required Health and Safety certificates to safely access these work sites.
Additionally, Marex Canada provides industry leading Hazardous Location (HazLoc) consultation services to guide our clients through the complex design of hazardous area electrical classifications. Our experience has proven to reduce installation costs caused by unnecessarily over classifying an area.