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Our Services

Field Evaluations and Certification

Construction Permits and Inspections

Accredited CSA SPE 1000 electrical evaluation, Third party B149.3 gas-fired equipment field evaluation, and Third party hazardous location field certification.

Hazardous Location Consulting

Electrical Modules Skid Fabrication

Professional hazardous location consulting for new and existing facilities, compliant with CEC Section 18 Code requirements performed by subject matter experts.

Corporate Safety Codes

Safety Codes Services Corporations and Municipalities

Compliance monitoring consistent with your Quality Management Program in the Building, Electrical, Gas, and Plumbing disciplines.


Electrical Modules Skid Fabrication

Code based online training courses that are designed provide a basis for interpreting Codes and to keep you up to date with Code changes as they’re adopted.

For two decades Marex Canada has been offering code compliance monitoring solutions to accredited corporations. Our code compliance monitoring services are available in all four construction disciplines:

In addition to our code compliance monitoring services Marex Canada also offers: CSA SPE 1000 Field Evaluations, 3rd party CSA Hazardous Location Field Certification, 3rd party CSA B149.3 Gas Field Evaluations, and Professional electrical hazardous location consulting.

Providing code compliance solutions is the cornerstone of Marex Canada’s service and commitment to our customers.