Hazardous Location Consulting

Meeting the needs of end users and EPC's requiring expertise in Hazardous Area Classification


Many industrial facilities refine and manufacture products or materials that have potentially volatile or hazardous characteristics. In Canada, multiple Codes, Standards, and legislative regulation, refer to requirements of employers and owners of companies or properties where hazardous materials may be present to eliminate or reduce such hazards. The Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) is one such Code that defines a hazardous area and identifies minimum requirements for electrical equipment and installation methods for hazardous areas.

Why Choose MAREX Canada

MAREX Canada has been providing professional engineering for electrical hazardous area classification since we opened our doors in 2002. Our experienced professional personnel have provided hazardous area classification services at oil and gas facilities, petrochemical plants, biomass facilities, to name a few. By understanding how a facility is operated on a day-to-day basis and making use of the recorded building history we can often reclassify an existing hazardous area classification that was based on calculations and conservative estimations to one that accurately reflects the level of hazard that actually exists during normal operations.

Industry Specific Expertise

Our personnel have been actively involved on the CSA CE Code Committee in the development of Section 18 requirements.