About Us

MAREX Canada Limited is an Alberta based company that has been operating since 2002.

About Us

In the beginning our core services were providing safety codes inspections and electrical hazardous location engineering support. We’ve grown over the years and leveraged our knowledge and expertise to offer safety codes and HazLoc training courses.

We have years of experience in helping customers manage their safety codes Quality Management Plans, understanding that all of our clients have their own unique needs and goals. As an accredited agency, Marex is adept at focusing on each client individually and keeping their needs and goals at the forefront of our efforts.

Whether you’ve decided to receive accreditation for the first time or you’re looking for a full service compliance monitoring agency, Marex has the staff and experience to help you achieve your goals. From variance and alternative solutions approvals to setting up a data base to track and document your compliance monitoring system, we have the expertise and tools to help our clients meet the intent of the Safety Codes Act in all disciplines.

Our most recent expansion of services has lead us to becoming an accredited Inspection Body providing field evaluations of electrical equipment under the CSA SPE-1000 Code. Our inspection body accreditation is separate from our safety codes duties and allows us to continue to respond to our customer’s needs, staying consistent with our mission statement of providing “leadership in safety, while improving quality, maintainability and reliability.”