About Us

As a Safety Codes agency accredited by the Alberta Safety Codes Council in accordance with the Safety Codes Act, MAREX Canada Limited started out by specializing in the provision of regulatory compliance monitoring services for accredited organizations in accordance with their safety codes policies...

About Us




MAREX provides leadership in safety, while improving quality,
maintainability and reliability.

This is realized through effective integration with industrial
corporations and engineering companies to provide practical,
value added solutions. Through identification, evaluation and
promotion of new practices, applications and technology, the
MAREX team is a qualified leader in the endorsement of best fit
design practices.

MAREX Canada Limited achieves this through:
– Education and Training
– Safety Codes Compliance Inspection-                                                                                                                                            –  Effective Interpretation of Codes and Standards
– Identification and Justification for Key Variances
– Liaise on Regulatory Issues (Client / Government Inspections)
– Site Electrical Construction QA/QC Inspection
– Safety Code Compliance Inspections
– Identifying and Promoting new products, ideas and technologies

Services of MAREX Canada Limited:

-Regulatory/Quality Management Program Management Data Management Administration and Conformance Auditing
– Safety Codes Compliance Inspections
– Hazardous Location Consulting
– Electrical HAZOP Assistance
– Front End Review and Design Assistance
– Specialized Technical Training
– Assistance in Development of Electrical Standards and Specifications
– Technical Service and Support to Operations and Engineering
MAREX engages competent and qualified safety codes officers to conduct:

  • Drawing reviews (design review)
  • Site Inspection (construction review) of additions, modifications or deletions to existing and  new facilities Follow-up
  • Variance approvals
  • Incident Investigations