Plumbing Code Compliance Monitoring

MAREX Canada provides Code compliance monitoring solutions for plumbing installations

In Alberta, there are two main codes or standards that plumbing safety codes officer’s work under. The National Plumbing Code of Canada (NPC) and the Alberta Private Sewage Systems Standard of Practice. For information about permits and requirements for private sewage treatment installations, click here.

A permit is required by the Safety Codes Act when work is performed on systems that fall under these codes for new installations, alterations or extensions. A plumbing system is usually comprised of a water distribution system, drainage system, and a venting system to aid the drainage system, and these systems fall within the scope of the NPC.

The use of Rainwater Harvesting systems for residential use is growing in Alberta. Rainwater harvesting can be used as a secondary source of water for use in flushing toilets and for subsurface irrigation and also must be permitted and inspected. For more information on these systems go to our General Information page or visit the Alberta Municipal Affairs website.