Corporate Safety Codes

Helping corporations meet their Safety Codes compliance needs since 2002.

Corporate Safety
Corporations, from small to large, have the ability to become accredited by the Safety Codes Council to administer their own safety codes compliance Regulatory / Quality Management Program (RMP or QMP). An Accredited Corporation is then no longer required to engage the local municipality for construction permits or inspections. Under your own Corporate RQMP the corporation can determine the level and timing of inspections required as long as they meet the minimum requirements set out by the Safety Codes Council. Many corporations, however, have set higher standards than the minimum code requirements. When this is the case, Marex inspectors can inspect installations to meet the Safety Codes Act and the corporate specifications that the corporation has set over and above the minimum code requirements.

At Marex Canada we can help to guide you through the accreditation process and serve as your third party inspection agency to help meet your safety codes compliance obligations. Call or email our office to learn the advantages of being the master of your own permitting and compliance Regulatory Management Program.