Gas Code Compliance Monitoring

MAREX Canada provides Code compliance monitoring solutions for gas systems and gas-fired equipment

Work performed on gas systems in Alberta have to meet the requirements of a series of codes known as the B149 Gas Codes. The term “Gas”, in this context is used to mean natural gas or propane. The actual definition of gas is more complex but the general meaning is most often referring to those 2 types of gas. The B149 Codes are in force when gas is used as a fuel. Typically this means that the gas is being used to produce heat or force.

For industrial sites it’s crucial that the gas safety codes officer know where the B149 Codes govern and where the ABSA Codes take over, which is one reason why it’s important to have safety codes officers with industrial experience. Marex is also experienced in the field approval process for uncertified gas appliances and equipment and we can help you achieve compliance with these appliances.

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