Field Evaluations and Certification

Marex - providing clients with regulatory compliance solutions since 2002

Marex has been providing clients with regulatory compliance solutions since 2002. Our special inspections staff contract to accredited inspection and certification bodies so that Marex inspectors can perform B149.3 Gas field evaluations of unapproved equipment and electrical field certification of Hazloc equipment in electrically hazardous areas.

We’ve also expanded or services to become an accredited Inspection Body, providing field evaluations of electrical equipment under the CSA SPE-1000 Model Code. Our inspection body accreditation is separate from our safety codes duties and allows us to continue to respond to our customer’s needs, staying consistent with our mission statement of providing “leadership in safety, while improving quality, maintainability and reliability.”

Many authorities having jurisdiction in Canada accept a CSA SPE-1000 field evaluation performed by an inspection body accredited by the Standards Council of Canada as a means of confirming that electrical equipment substantially meets Canadian Standards, thereby allowing it to be installed in their jurisdiction.  While a field evaluation is not equivalent to certification, it does offer an avenue for specialized or innovative equipment to be installed.

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For more information about inspection bodies, please visit the Standards Council of Canada website