Schedule an Inspection

Customers with a current construction permit can call our offices or email us to schedule an inspection.

Our inspections are scheduled to maximize the number of inspections in a given area to reduce travel costs wherever possible. A Marex inspector may call and stop by at your construction project if we're in the area at any time after a permit has been issued. However, when a required inspection is needed at a specific stage of construction we will work with our customers to ensure that inspections are performed in a timely manner. Fill out the form below and send it to us, giving us at least 2 working days' notice prior to the inspection date.

    *Someone from Marex Canada will contact you to confirm inspection details and the date of the inspection, prior to scheduling the inspection. At least 2 working days' notice, prior to the requested date, is required. *

    **Additional fees will apply for a requested inspection, where reasonable access to perform the inspection has not been provided.**