The New Kids?

Welcome to our newly re-designed website! An introduction is probably in order. Marex Canada Limited may be new to many of you who have found our new webpage, but we are not a new inspections agency. Our doors first opened in December of 2002, to provide electrical safety codes and hazardous location area classification services to a few corporate oil and gas clients. Now we offer permits and inspections for every discipline to corporations and municipalities across the province.

In the fall of 2013, Marex added to the services we provide by increasing our accreditation to include the building, fire, plumbing and gas disciplines. Then in the spring of 2015 we sought the authority to issue municipal permits in unaccredited areas of the province and were granted that authority by Alberta Municipal Affairs in the summer. That means that homeowners, contractors and anyone needing a permit in an unaccredited municipality can come to Marex for their construction permits.

In order to tell people about who we are and all that we do, we’ve totally redesigned our website. This is the first phase of our site. We plan to create a secure portal for our clients to be able to view inspection reports and keep track of exactly where they are throughout the permit and inspections process in the second phase of our web re-development. Among the various pages of our website is the “General Information” page that has important information for the various disciplines of the construction trades. We will be adding to the articles on that page as time allows, to eventually be able to answer a wide range of general and specific questions that are often asked of us. We hope that you will visit our site for the answers to all of your safety codes questions, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, that you’ll call or send us an email so we can help you.

Our entrance into a new area of permitting and inspections is exciting for us and is very much like starting from scratch. We have a whole new group of people and companies who aren’t familiar with our style and philosophy of inspections services and we’re prepared to take the time to extend to them our reputation of quality inspections. Marex was built by adding value to the construction projects that our clients undertake. We do this by identifying the code related problems in a given design or installation and staying engaged with all parties involved to resolve the issue. It benefits no one to throw up road blocks and walk away from the discussion on how to correct the problem, so we offer guidance on the viability of possible solutions in achieving code compliance.

Although safety codes services are at the heart of our business, we listen to our client’s concerns and see the issues and areas on the periphery where our clients struggle to get quality equipment and services. One area that has been notable, for our corporate clients, is in their inability to purchase quality modular electrical equipment that meets our Canadian and provincial standards. In many instances this modular equipment was arriving on site and then required extensive electrical re-working to bring it up to an acceptable standard before it could be put into service. This re-working of the electrical components, on often very remote sites, is very costly and negatively impacts the scheduling of a project.

In an effort to reduce the overall costs of our client’s projects, Marex has created a separate business unit and opened a facility where we can fabricate modular electrical equipment, commonly referred to in the industry as “plug and play” equipment. These equipment packages are built to the specific requirements of our clients and inspected by a safety codes officer to both the Canadian Electrical Code and the client specifications. Our Certificate of Recognition (COR), ISO 9001 procedures, industry leading health and safety program, and attention to detail ensure our clients’ requirements are met before they arrive on site.

We’re always looking for meaningful ways to strengthen our relationships with our clients and demonstrate our commitment to adding value to the projects our clients undertake. We’re also very excited for having an opportunity to bring our philosophy to a new segment of the construction industry.

By René Leduc
Marex Canada Limited