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Hazardous Area Classifications

Hazardous Area Classifications


One-day training / Per person pricing / Venue to be determined

Upon course completion you will have:

  • An understanding of underlying safety principles
  • An awareness of applicable codes and standards
  • A more effective interpretation of CE Code rules
  • Confidence in the safety of your electrical installations
  • Confidence in your personal safety
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This course on hazardous location area classification touches on the fundamental safety principles to be understood in order to design a proper hazardous area classification such as:

  • Properties of gases and liquids
    • Flammable limits
    • Flash point
    • Gas groups
  • Prevention of ignition
  • Hot surfaces and ignition temperatures
  • Temperature codes

The course goes on to look at the relationship between the Canadian Electrical Code and the Occupational Health and Safety Legislation and their impact on hazardous area classification.

We also look at installation requirements related to equipment and equipment markings, wiring methods, seals (primary, secondary, conduit, cable and migration), pressurization and purging, gas detection, intrinsic safety, grounding and bonding. And we compare North American practices with those applied internationally in relation to hazardous locations.

The course concludes with the a look at the application of sound engineering principles to proper hazardous location area classification design.

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